From our inception, we have always sought to use state of the art technology in our production processes. This has enabled us to offer our customers a broad spectrum of the very latest manufacturing machinery and processes.

We offer multi-component technology as well as intelligent, automated, robotic assembly. In this way, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and our production processes are as efficient as possible. We have over 90 injection moulding machines within our group and are capable of manufacturing injection moulded parts weighing anything from 0.5 g to 1,300 g. We operate with clamping forces of between 850 and 6,500 kN in the multi-component sector. Our plant machinery includes 15 modern, fully electronic injection moulding systems boasting the highest level of precision, repeat accuracy and sustainable energy efficiency. We work with all conventional precision and thermosetting plastics.

In addition to injection moulding, our service portfolio includes hot stamping, plugging, laser printing, ultrasonic welding and the conditioning of polyamide plastics.

We maintain close contact with several universities, machinery manufacturers and research institutes, allowing us to create synergies and acquire insights into the latest trends. We combine this research input with our experience to produce optimised, cost-effective solutions for our customers.