Data protection

Your privacy is important to us. We collect your data in strict compliance with statutory data privacy legislation.

We store the following information about you:

  1. Enquiry/contact form
    One of the ways you can get in touch with us is by using our contact form. The information you enter in it is converted into an e-mail and sent to us. The data you supply is used solely for the purposes of contacting you and responding to your enquiry; it is subsequently deleted.

  2. Web browser
    Your web browser transmits to us the following data:
    - Browser type and version
    - Time of enquiry
    - Operating system used
    - Previously visited website (referral URL)
    - IP address

This data is collected for the purpose of statistical analysis and deleted immediately afterwards.

Our website uses cookies in some cases. By using the website, you agree to this. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer, nor do they contain any viruses. Cookies are designed to make our site more effective and secure and easier to use. They are small text files that are deposited on your computer and saved in your browser.